Geology Introduction

There are some (older)  interesting papers on the Geology in Chandos Township (now called “The Township of North Kawartha”).  Most of this early interest arose because of the mining and prospecting potential in the area.  There have been successful mines both north and south of Chandos Township, but nothing in the immediate areas was ever found to be economically viable.

from Shaw, p. 2:   geology-of-chandos-twp-r011
“In spite of active prospecting for many years, no economically important deposits have been found in Chandos township.  The earliest prospecting was for iron; a small magnetite showing near the south boundary has been known for over 50 years.  More recently there has been extensive prospecting for radioactive deposits.  Of the several showings that have been trenched, blasted, and drilled during the past 10 years, none has warranted development work.  The geology of the town ship differs in several ways from that of the radioactive mineral belt to the north; proximity to the Bancroft region gives no assurance that radioactive deposits should also be found in Chandos township.  Sporadic sulphide showings that occur in the township are chiefly pyrite.  An old copper prospect exists in lot 32, concession 11, close to the southeast corner of the township.  No other base-metal prospects have been reported.”