Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park Lakes

There are quite a few lakes in the KHPP.  In 2015, about 22 of the relatively uninhabited lakes were comprehensively and simultaneously assessed for water quality.  The study provides an excellent bench mark look at this group of relatively untouched lakes in the area.  Of particular interest is the data reporting on Bottom Water Chemistries. It might be instructive to perform some top and bottom core diatom determinations on a couple of these lakes to see how they have changed, given that they have never been seriously settled by cottagers..
No data is presented on Dissolved Oxygen levels.  It is apparent though that on average the lakes are anoxic in the hypolimnion in late summer.  The interesting thing here is that these lakes are similar to Gilmour Bay in this regard, even though they  not been subject to the cottager load that Gilmour Bay has.