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Chandos dock 2012

Come, sit awhile, and let’s marvel about this beautiful lake!


This website brings together various facts and studies that relate to Chandos Lake  and environs (Peterborough County, Ontario), and in particular publishes the results of two paleolimnology studies .

The first, is a 3-core top/bottom analysis for 2 sites in South Bay, and one site in Gilmour Bay. The field work was undertaken in 2014, and the report by Kelly Hollingshead was published on this site in 2017.  It can be found here.

The second study, undertaken in 2017/18 by Dr Katrina Moser of Western University for the CLPOA is a more comprehensive analysis of the 2014 Gilmour Bay core that includes Pb-210 dating.   It has just been completed (February 2019) and can be found here. (with permission).

The purpose of these studies is to attempt to determine how the water quality of our lake has changed over time. The sediment is laid down year over year, and as conditions change, so do the diatoms that can be found in the sediment.  Assemblages of diatoms are proxies for various lake environments and conditions, and so determining the changes in diatoms can tell us something about the lake. Other data were collected  and analyzed as well, and can be found in the reports.



Lake Levels
During 2017 there was  a lot of concern over lake levels.  The CLPOA has been investigating this situation.  A preliminary report on lake levels can be found here: Chandos Water Level Interim Report rev 3, May 2018

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