Index to Water Quality Reports

Throughout this website there are various links to reports that give data on the limnological condition of Chandos, plus other area lakes. This is a handy index page that brings them all together in one place. Please note, however, that most can still be found under their original subject tabs along with a fuller discussion.

Lake Partner Program Program (LPP)


IsampleON: eDNA Sampling Results for Invasive Species

Ministry of Environment Reports

(there are also MOE reports on Chandos pollution under the Historical Reference Documents Tab)

MOE 1972 Report of Water Quality in Chandos Lake

1986 MOE Chandos Water Quality Report

Lake Capacity Studies

Michalski Nielsen Associates Limited 2009 report titled “Chandos Lake Update and Proposed Planning Policy Directions” June 2008 (Revised May 2009) 92 pages

1993 Chandos Township Lake Carrying Capacities (This includes several appendices (A-J) to the 2009 Michalski report ) 177 pages

Paleo Reports

(this first Paleo report includes comprehensive limnological testing data)

Kelly Hollingshead 2014 Paleolimnology Investigation (published Oct 2016)

GRA Phosphorus Graphs

South Bay Historical Phosphorus

Gilmour Bay Historical Phosphorus

Trent Aquatic Research Program (TARP)

(After 2015 TARP began including Chandos data)

Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park Summary 2015 Lake Sampling

Chandos Lake Water Quality Report 2015-2020

Trent Kawartha Highlands Water Quality Report 2022

Kawartha Lakes Stewards Reports

(These KLSA reports don’t include Chandos, but give excellent data on many area lakes that are part of the Trent Severn Waterway, and many of their articles are relatable to Chandos)

KLSA 2014 Report

KLSA 2015 Report

KLSA 2016 Report

KLSA 2017 Report

KLSA 2018 Report

KLSA 2019 Report

KLSA 2020 Report

KLSA 2020 Phosphorus Testing

KLSA 2021 Report