Trent-Severn Kawartha Lakes

Although there are Kawartha Lakes not directly on the Trent-Severn Waterway, (eg Anstruther) there is a chain of lakes that form part of the waterway  eg Balsam, Cameron, Sturgeon, Pigeon, Buckhorn, Chemong,  Lovesick, Stony, Clear, Katchewanooka, Rice.  Their interconnectedness, as well the boat traffic, present unique issues in which upstream lakes affect downstream ones.  These lakes also have dams, locks, towns, and waste water treatment facilities to contend with.

The Kawartha Lakes Stewards’ Association (KLSA) is very active and progressive, and fund and support important research. They have produced some very excellent reports.

The KLSA makes their publications available at their publications website.

There are some historically interesting studies on the sediments of Sturgeon and Rice lakes from 1994.  See: the following 3 papers: