Lake Capacity Studies

A lakeshore capacity study is a planning tool used to predict the level of development that can be sustained along the shoreline of a lake without exhibiting any adverse effects upon the health of the lake.. In particular, it is an attempt to control the amount of phosphorus that enters the lake in order to limit excessive plant and algae growth.

There have been a couple of capacity studies carried out in the past. One, commissioned by the Township of Chandos in 1993, and another in 2008 (revised in 2009) carried out by Michalski Nielsen Consultants and commissioned by the CLPOA.

The following 3 documents present some excellent historical data about the lake:

Chandos Lake Capacity Report and Update 2008 (Revised 2009)

Report Appendices (including the 1993 study)

Lakeshore Capacity Assessment Handbook