Trent River Watershed Flow Chart

Here is an interesting flowchart showing how all the TSW lakes are connected.

Note that area lakes Jack, Anstruther, and Eels are all TSW reservoir lakes.

It is true that Chandos Lake flows into the Crowe River, and that the Crowe River eventually enters the Trent River near Campbellford. There is a dam on the Crowe River at Marmora, that primarily controls the level of Crowe Lake. The operation of this dam has negligible effect on Chandos because the difference in elevations is about 130 metres, and between Chandos Lake and Crowe Lake there are many natural areas (wetlands, etc), to store water.

2 thoughts on “Trent River Watershed Flow Chart

  1. Several years ago at the Jack Lake AGM there was a talk by someone about controlling water levels in the feeder lakes. It was a fascinating blend of art, science and best guesses. It gave a true appreciation of the difficulty in providing enough water in the Trent Severn balanced with enough water in the feeder lakes and controlling spring flooding.

    1. HI Debra,
      The orchestration of control and the prediction modelling required to manage this complex of lakes dams and locks is quite remarkable. Some insights can be gained by looking at the power point presentations at CEWF’s annual communications meeting, which can be found at

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