Using Lake Sediments to Track Changes in Aquatic Plant Communities

Back in 2019, an MSc research project funded by the CLPOA, Western University, and MITACS was undertaken by David Zilkey on the changing condition of Gilmour Bay since the arrival in the area of European settlers.  Regrettably, Covid played havoc with getting this work completed in a timely fashion, but now a “Plain Language” advanceContinue reading “Using Lake Sediments to Track Changes in Aquatic Plant Communities”

The Warming of Canadian Lakes

It is an established fact that our lakes are getting warmer and the number of days of ice cover are getting shorter. And given all this crazy hot weather this year, climate change is a hot topic, even in the winter. A recent article in the Globe and Mail begins with: “Canadian lakes are inContinue reading “The Warming of Canadian Lakes”

Hummingbird Departures 1986-2021

Cathy Burgess has been recording the arrival and departure dates for red throated hummingbirds since 1986. The departure date for 2021 was observed to be September 18. Here is a graph of her data. On a trend line basis the hummers are leaving a week later than they were 35 years ago. A bit moreContinue reading “Hummingbird Departures 1986-2021”

Website mobile device issues

Dear followers all, it recently came to my attention that although laptop versions of this website generally worked ok, the mobile versions, such as for an iphone or ipad, did not show many of the charts and pictures. This, hopefully, has now been remedied. Please, if you note any malfunctions, it would be highly appreciatedContinue reading “Website mobile device issues”

2020 Lake Partner Program Phosphorus Report for the Kawarthas

The Kawartha Stewards Association (KLSA) recently published this report on phos in their set of lakes. (Chandos is not included). These lakes are flow-through, meaning that one flows into another, and so phosphorus levels in one lake can affect levels in the downstream lake. It also means that the levels can vary widely. On aContinue reading “2020 Lake Partner Program Phosphorus Report for the Kawarthas”

Gilmour Bay Namesake

Gilmour Bay was most likely named after the Gilmour Bay Lumber Baron family from Trenton. If you have 66 minutes or so, it is very informative to watch the Youtube video “Lumber Baron- The Gilmour Years” at The last 5 minutes or so has a really hilarious sketch called “the sawmill” -very chaplinesque. WeContinue reading “Gilmour Bay Namesake”