Student bursaries/scholarships?

It is important that Chandos maintains and supports the research activity and interest in our lake that we are currently fortunate to be the beneficiary of.  After a while such activity can be somewhat self-perpetuating in that there becomes a base level of historical data and analysis that could attract and support further research byContinue reading “Student bursaries/scholarships?”

Now is the time for all good folk…

​Now is the time for all good folk to come to the aid of the party…” It is with some reticence that I write this post.  There are lots of people who are quick to offer their opinion about what needs to be done or what direction should be taken, but who, for their ownContinue reading “Now is the time for all good folk…”

Lake Capacity Study Update?

Feb 20, 2021 Lake Capacity Studies attempt to estimate how much “human load” a lake can be saddled with before its trophic status declines. The CLPOA had a lake capacity study done in 2008/09. See the 2009 MIchalski Report. A questionnaire was sent out (2004) to which about 400 cottagers replied. On page 87 isContinue reading “Lake Capacity Study Update?”