Trent River Watershed Flow Chart

Here is an interesting flowchart showing how all the TSW lakes are connected. Note that area lakes Jack, Anstruther, and Eels are all TSW reservoir lakes. It is true that Chandos Lake flows into the Crowe River, and that the Crowe River eventually enters the Trent River near Campbellford. There is a dam on theContinue reading “Trent River Watershed Flow Chart”

Flat Creek returns to normal flow out of Chandos April 3, 2021

The following is a post to the CLPOA facebook page…. Following up on Iain’s post of April 2, 2021 where he reports that the flow along Flat Creek is into the lake: –It seems as of April 3, the reverse flow has “reversed” and is back to a normal outflow from the lake. On MarchContinue reading “Flat Creek returns to normal flow out of Chandos April 3, 2021”

Environment Canada Gauge Real time Data

Just north of Glen Alda on the Crowe River, Environment Canada operates a Water monitoring Station 02HK005. The results are available in real time on line. Here is a typical graph for the last 15 days: (see It is obvious that the flow and level have significantly increased in the last couple of days.Continue reading “Environment Canada Gauge Real time Data”