Recent additions to the website.

Hi folks,

It is amazing how fast the lake comes to life as soon as the ice goes out!

This spring the “official” ice-out date is April 16. Updated historical graphs can be found on the web-site. Over the last 35 years, on a trendline basis, the ice cover duration has reduced by about 11 days..

Unfortunately, I have not been able to keep as close an eye on the levels this spring. and wonder if Flat Creek ever went into reversal, as it sometimes does. I have a permanent stick gauge in South Bay that I use to track the levels – pretty primitive but it works great if I am around. Maybe I need to gets something that continuously monitors and that can be wifi’d. I’ll have to look for something.

The 2022 IsampleON eDNA report has just been released and can be found on the website. . Using DNA from water samples it looks for invasive species, notably mussels and spiny waterflea. So far, fortunately, nothing has been detected on our lake..

Please note that there is a loon webinar on Wednesday evening… details can be found on the FB website or go to:]-R&c[0]=AT288cFORCdbSsVqSysUXlTAKvxNqtHrz8GyQiNeNMzD2l7dVRXvEYVR622k1NlozKyuDTt1sLf3g9t-MfSig3gZN34rIJectkZHCHTjlHMaISjseu5yC_LbXkVh-M65d_ibvLYDytrmUbgWGbHjl-fbzlhjSs-dS58SAvQib8Ide-wUSw7MywI3hQ2q3i6QfvOWiSvvhZWF-ILUVUtPnzrP

take best care, all