2020 Lake Partner Program Phosphorus Report for the Kawarthas

The Kawartha Stewards Association (KLSA) recently published this report on phos in their set of lakes. (Chandos is not included).

These lakes are flow-through, meaning that one flows into another, and so phosphorus levels in one lake can affect levels in the downstream lake. It also means that the levels can vary widely.

On a comparative basis, phosphorus levels in Chandos are in the 10 µg/L range,, whereas the Kawartha lakes reported vary widely from 5 to 25.

Secchi Depths at Chandos are in the 5-6m range, whereas in the Kawartha Lakes they range from 2 to to 7.

For more information regarding Chandos, please see the Trophic Status tab, or the Phosphorus tab.

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