Spring Report 2022

Spring Flood
The likelihood of a spring flood this year seems remote. Much of the snowpack in the watershed has reduced greatly, so unless there is a large quantity of rain, we are home-free in that regard.

Web site additions – TARP
There have been a couple of additions to the website, notably to do with Dr. Paul Frost’s work on Water Quality in the Kawartha Highlands, which has included Chandos Lake.

The first is the TARP 2022 Report. which can also can be found under this subtab along with other TARP reports.

The second is a useful chart on comparative Lake sizes in the area. It can be found under this tab.

Cottage Investors and Rentals on the increase in Ontario
Recently there has been a lot of concern throughout the province regarding the increase in rental properties in lake front communities. Apart from changing the nature of these various towns, it is also driving up property values and increasing the load on the lakes, which is a lake health concern. Many communities have started to regulate and limit the number of rental properties.

As an example, see https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/cottage-ontario-airbnb-vbro-1.6407851
This is something that we hope Peterborough County and North Kawartha Township are trying to get ahead of before it becomes a problem here. The County Official Plan is presently undergoing a review .

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