Now is the time for all good folk…

Now is the time for all good folk to come to the aid of the party…”

It is with some reticence that I write this post.  There are lots of people who are quick to offer their opinion about what needs to be done or what direction should be taken, but who, for their own reasons, are unable to roll up their sleeves and pitch themselves in.  Methinks I am one of those.

The CLPOA is looking for volunteers to serve on its board.  I am very supportive of the Association and know how necessary it is to have hardworking and committed folk carrying out its mandate.  One of its “raison d’ȇtres”, surely, is to protect and promote lake health.  To make a positive dent requires different strategies and skills than planning a social function.  It is hard, and any success depends on how well others can be co-opted to the cause, particularly those outside of the CLPOA.  Such initiatives are typically multi-year and may involve coordination with other associations and governmental bodies.

Anyway, here’s a list of initiatives, that if successful, would help protect the lake.  

We are pretty much at the limit of what anthropogenic interference the lake can withstand, and that reversing any deterioration is well nigh impossible.  (It is hard to uncook an egg).

1) bylaws to control the commercialization of rental properties.  (See Feb 20 post)

2) restrictions on back lot development

3) restrictions regarding multi-unit Condo development  (density)

4) requirement to have septic systems inspected and brought up to code as a condition of sale.  (Similar to vehicle safety cert)

5) municipal requirement for periodic proof of septic health  (e.g. every 5 years)

6) prohibition of commercial fishing derbies

No doubt the CLPOA board has other worthwhile ideas for protecting the lake.

We also have a wonderful “Love Your Lake” program run by Alex Haney that would always welcome volunteers.

So, if you are passionate about Lake Health, and are the type that “can make things happen”, please consider running for a board position, or making it known that you would serve on a committee.

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