Student bursaries/scholarships?

It is important that Chandos maintains and supports the research activity and interest in our lake that we are currently fortunate to be the beneficiary of.  After a while such activity can be somewhat self-perpetuating in that there becomes a base level of historical data and analysis that could attract and support further research by other scientists.  Having scientists interested in our lake can alert us to potential problems before they become actualities.  Also, if a serious problem ever did occur here, then there would be a cadre of informed scientists that we could hopefully call on for help. 

And the availability of good science helps to educate and encourage all of us to be better stewards. 

In addition, the governments of recent years have drastically scaled back their own departments that used to do this kind of work.

The research undertaken since 2014 at Chandos by Western University has been financially supported by the CLPOA and also privately.

One of the ways to encourage research here is for the CLPOA to offer some kind of financial award to students who are interested in doing lake research.

Here are some possible criteria:

  1. The research must be supported and guided by a recognized faculty member from a recognized water lake lab/department.  Queens, Western, Trent, Waterloo all have such programs.
  2. The student must be in their 4th year or in a graduate program
  3. The student must somehow be connected to and endorsed by a CLPOA member or must be from North Kawartha Township.
  4. The subject would be of the supervising professor’s choosing but must involve Chandos Lake, and should result in a report being made available to the CLPOA.
  5. The value and frequency of the award would be at the CLPOA’s discretion, but typically would be an annual award valued at $5000.

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